hi there. my name is dylan. nice to meet ya.

i run this page called the dead end. i make all the designs myself, coded this website by myself, and run this page by myself. you probably know most of that by now though.

i live in fort collins, colorado and go to colorado state university. i was born and raised here in colorado, and i was born and raised a deadhead. my parents met while trading tapes after jerry passed, and raised me accordingly.

i actually grew up hating the dead, believe it or not. i had a couple of their songs on my old ipod nano and thought their songs were long, boring, and hollow. obviously, i don't think that anymore.

when i was 14 or 15, i stumbled on the dead's red rocks show from 7/8/78. (namely that show's franklin's tower) the rest is history. i fell in love almost immediately and dove deep into the band's music, lore, fanbase, and -- most importantly -- it's art.

around the same time, i was starting to develop a love for graphic design. i started off designing sports logos, social media graphics, and various advertisements. it took some time before i blended my passion for the dead with my increasingly large eye for design, but i ended up bridging the gap between the two in 2017, when i started this page.

i kept running the page throughout high school, though it got put on the back burner in 2021 as i went into my junior year of college. after graduating in 2023, i bought myself my own shirt printing press and learned the process of burning silk screens with the intent of reinvigorating the dead end.

to call the years between this page's founding and now a long strange trip would be an understatement. whenever i look back at my old t-shirts, i'm always shocked by how far i've come between then and now. i'm also reminded that even after changing and growing as much as i have, there's still so much more to do in the future.

i know it's a bit cheesy, but i really want to thank you for helping me on that journey. i really couldn't have done it without you, and i definitely couldn't still be doing it without you. kind folks like yourself have helped empower and fuel both this page and myself, and i am truly grateful for it.

thanks for reading through this page, friend. it really, truly does mean a lot to me.

i hope you enjoyed learning about myself, and i hope you enjoy the stickers, t-shirts, and other goodies on this site that i've designed just for you.

as always, thanks for stopping by the dead end. (~);}