ain't no time to hate sticker pack

$5.00 USD / Sold Out

each order is for two of these 3in x 3in holographic stickers featuring a bootleg stealie filled with a rainbow flag, surrounded by lyrics to uncle john's band and thirteen point bolts filled with the trans flag.

5% of the proceeds from these stickers will head to out bolder county, a local organization that empowers and protects the lgbtq+ community in boulder county and in colorado as a whole.

the stickers are made by sticker mule and are shipped out by yours truly. the stickers are vinyl, weather-proof, and good to re-stick once or twice.

if the stickers don’t arrive or are damaged upon arrival, email or dm me and we'll work out possible replacements. if you don't reach out, i can't make it right!

NOTE: shirts and stickers ship at separate times and will arrive at separate times. if you order shirts and stickers in the same order, don't worry if the two don't arrive together.