bertha condom preorder

Sold out $7.00

each order is a pack of two standard sized, fda approved, latex condoms with a spoof of the lyrics to bertha on the packaging. funny, huh?

orders will most likely be shipping within two weeks of purchase. stay tuned to my instagram in case anything changes.

i should clarify that these are meant as gag gifts. they should work to prevent pregnancy, std spread, and everything else, but i should also clarify that i'm not responsible if they don't work. if (god forbid) something goes awry with these condoms, email me asap and i'll get you in touch with the company i used to make 'em.

again, just to reiterate, these are a gag gift. by purchasing, you recognize and agree that if these break or are otherwise ineffective, it's on you or the company that made 'em - not me.

also, returns aren't possible on these for obvious reasons.