big bolt facemask

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i don't think it's physically possible to have something that screams "i'm a deadhead!!!!!" more than this mask. other than actually screaming that you're a deadhead, of course. this is for all you heads out there who either aren't vaxxed, or wanna stay safe from all the new variants and whatnot floating around, all the while looking like the true blue deadhead you are.

these masks are made with 100% supersoft polyester microfiber, and have two layers in order to keep ya extra safe. there's also a pocket inside if you wanna put a filter in there, and a wire above the nose to ensure the mask will fit your face. the ear loops have little rubber bands on 'em so you can size them to your face, too.

all the orders are produced and shipped by printful, and all sales are final. if anything goes awry, shoot me a dm or an email to see what we can do. be sure to check my returns and faq page first, though.

NOTE: these masks are not medical grade. in technical terms, these are "fashion masks," since they aren't made for medical use.