fiddler's green '21 lot tee

$19.99 USD - $25.00 USD / on sale!!!

this is the ever-so-infamous fiddler's green lot tee i designed specially to be sold on lot at these shows. unfortunately, though, the lot cops didn't take kindly to the design, and stole a good bunch of the shirts. thankfully, i made it out with a handful, and now you've got the chance to snag one.

there are only two dyes left — one medium and one xl. the second shirt pictured is the medium, and the third is the xl. make sure you know what you're buying before you buy it!

the shirts are printed on premium preshrunk bayside tees, and were hand-printed and hand-dyed by my homie @wauflehouse up on the lonely wyoming plains. the man is a wizard at printing and dying tees, so go check him out!!

all the orders are shipped by yours truly, and all sales are final. if anything goes awry, shoot me a dm or an email to see what we can do. be sure to check my returns and faq page first, though.