many worlds tee

$34.99 USD - $39.99 USD

brokedown palace is one of the first songs that truly got me into the dead. it showed me that sorrowful melancholy feeling the dead do so well, and helped ease a lot of the troubles in life i'd been going through. ever since i started designing t-shirts, i've been trying to make a design to truly encapsulate how that song makes me feel, and this is the first time i've been able to do it.

the front of the shirt is emotional, with each color, image, and font representing some kind of emotion the song instills in me, while the back is a visual representation of how the song makes me feel. this tee, more than most any other that i've made so far, is an emotional one for me. it means a lot to me.

these shirts are custom printed using screenprinting techniques onto gildan 2000 shirts. the tees are a little thicker than most of my other tees, but aren't super heavy either. all sizes are unisex.

all the orders are produced and shipped by printful, and all sales are final. if anything goes awry, shoot me a dm or an email to see what we can do. be sure to check my returns and faq page first, though.