top hat tee

$24.99 - $27.99

in 1994, jerry garcia met stephen cripe, an aspiring luthier, backstage at a florida dead show. he commissioned him to create a guitar entirely by feel, without any measurements or specs. the final product was β€œtop hat,” a guitar jerry loved for the last few months of his life. the guitar never saw a stage, but was the last one jerry owned before he passed. this tee features the inlay on the top hat guitar on a simple black tee. just how jerry liked it.

these shirts are custom printed using screenprinting techniques onto gildan 24000 shirts. the tees are thin and breathable, made with a vintage feel straight out of the package. all sizes are unisex.

all the orders are produced and shipped by printful, and all sales are final. if anything goes awry, shoot me a dm or an email to see what we can do. be sure to check my returns and faq page first, though.